Parent Testimonials

The first words that come to mind when I think of Wa ratah SDS – Dedication, Kindness, Safety, Commitment, Fun, Flexibility, Professional.


My name is Chris and I am the Grandma of Ekina. My husband, Craig and I are bringing up Ekina and her 9 year old sister up because their Mum Zoe has Multiple Sclerosis and is unable to care for them.


There is not a day goes by when I don’t thank our lucky stars that we found Waratah.


Each school I looked at for Ekina, before finding Waratah left me with tears in my eyes. How could I possible leave my precious little girl in such gloomy conditions. Then I was recommended to go and see Waratah. Well I literally ran out of that meeting so full of joy. Yes tears, many tears but tears of happiness. I found the principal and staff so vibrant and happy and so genuinely committed to the task of teaching. The colours of the school are inviting and youthful and the children have enormous grounds to play in. What a wonderful school.


So little Ekina has been at Waratah for 1 year and a term. In that time she has learned to walk, has learned to focus on small tasks and is learning to communicate. She receives speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy along with the staples Music and Communication and of course her Sand Pit work!


Waratah is committed to teaching Ekina to be the best she can be and the proof is there for all to see as we observe her progress. I notice the children want to be at Waratah and so do the teachers. The students feel welcome and know that the teachers care about them.


All the students at Waratah have different needs and abilities. The staff clearly understand this and it is a joy to come in and watch them teach. Their teaching and interaction with students reflect their deep understanding of each student as an individual.


Many factors go into helping a child become a productive adult and my husband and I believe that Ekina had a good show of being just that due to her education and care at Waratah.


Chris and Craig Harrison