All or our students participate in weekly, one hour, specialist art sessions.


In these sessions the students use various types of equipment/art tools and materials selected to assist them to CREATE and to PRODUCE individual and group art pieces.


The students are exposed to, and encouraged to touch and explore a range of materials and textures.


The students use materials selected to STIMULATE/DEVELOP the SENSES of touch, smell, hearing and sight.




Most importantly students will be given opportunities to MAKE CHOICES about the content of their art pieces. Through a supportive environment, they will be encouraged to COMMUNICATE their needs and express themselves through ART.


As they engage in art activities, they will be given opportunities to develop/extend and strengthen dexterity, FINE MOTOR SKILLS and HAND/EYE CO-ORDINATION.


More importantly the sessions are fun and flexible encouraging engagement by all and an opportunity to showcase the completed art pieces.