Health & P.E. Curriculum

Students at Waratah Special Developmental School participate in a physical education program. In the Early Years, the physical education program focuses mostly on gross motor skills. In particular, students are introduced to essential movement skills and basic ball handling skills. Skills are taught within a range of different activities and games. Students also participate in Perceptual Motor Programs (PMP) which provides a safe and supportive structure for developing movement awareness.

In the Middle and Senior Years, the physical education program further develops fundamental gross motor skills. In particular, the students develop their ball handling skills and movement coordination. This includes skills such as throwing, catching, ball bouncing, kicking, striking and balance awareness.

Students are taught how to use ball handling skills in a range of different team games. They are also given opportunities to learn about the importance of safety and cooperation when participating in sport.


2018 saw the continuation of the Swimming program for Early Years and Middle Years students! Clare and Laura are both Austswim trained with skills in different areas, and Deb (as assistant to the speech team) provides proficient instruction with our school’s core vocabulary to make this an accessible and holistic swimming program.  The swimming program started almost four years ago, and it is with persistence, consistency, patience, and a ‘can do’ attitude that these students have come as far as they have.