Health & P.E. Curriculum

Students are taught how to use ball handling skills in a range of different team games. They are also given opportunities to learn about the importance of safety and cooperation when participating in sport.


Homecrafts is a specialist program focusing in developing cooking and independent living skills. The weekly program caters for all students’ abilities and individual needs.

ICT & Digital Technologies

Waratah SDS is excited to be rolling out the new Digital Technologies curriculum as part of our school’s specialist ICT program. Our school envisions ICT as being not just about learning to use digital devices and software, but using these as tools for developing 21st Century Learning Skills such as collaboration and communication. The Early Years program emphasises the use technologies such as interactive whiteboards, iPads and virtual reality to engage students in problem solving and digital creativity. The Middle Years and Senior Transition programs focus on collaborative problem solving, digital expression and the development of computational thinking. These skills are developed through projects such as the creation of our own digital games, the production of stop motion animations, and the use of the Lego Mindstorms robotics kits. The Waratah Satellite Room at Brunswick South West Primary School conducts integrated classes which include students from both schools collaborating on joint projects such as the Brunswick Games Festival.

Sensory Art

Art is a wonderful medium through which our students can express themselves.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy role at Waratah SDS involves assisting teaching staff and parents to support students’ participation in daily activities including sensory integration, daily living skills and fine motor development.

Speech Therapy

The Speech Pathology role at Waratah SDS involves assisting teaching staff and parents to support student’s communication development.


A physiotherapist attends the school one day a week to monitor students’ gross motor skills and consult with classroom teachers on particular movement, musculoskeletal or postural issues that students may have.

Civics and citizenship/ humanities

Civics and Citizenship involves the development of skills and behaviors needed to interact with the community. Students will be encouraged to greet the teaching staff and students in the classroom and initiate interactions.