Students in this section of the school are in the 14 – 18 year age group.

The aim of the secondary/transition section of is to equip students with the skills they will need to move into the adult world and any post secondary education they will undertake. It is expected that most of our students will progress into an adult day training centre. In order to achieve such an outcome, the Secondary/Transition section aims to implement programs which emphasise the acquisition of social, practical and vocational skills.

At the present time, programs with this focus include:

  • Travel Training program – which aims to develop independence in the use of public transport.
  • The HEINZE Gardening program is in it’s third year, which is testament to it’s success. The program aims to develop young people’s social participation through involvement in a community project, while developing environmental project management and gardening skills at the same time.
  • The So-Safe program which aims to develop an understanding of various types of social relationships and the appropriate social behaviour which is associated with those relationships. Giving young people the skills to protect themselves from abusive relationships is also an important element of this program.

In summary, it could be said that this section of the school aims to act as a bridge between schooling and the adult world.