Middle Years

The Middle Years section of the school comprises of four classes with students ranging from the ages of 12 to 15. The curriculum focus is driven by the Victorian Curriculum and programs vary across the classrooms reflecting the students’ individual needs and ages.


Literacy: The students in the Middle Years section and across the school work closely with our Speech Therapist and classroom teachers to determine an appropriate method of communication and extend the use of Functional Communication Skills. Students are strongly encouraged to use their language and communication skills throughout the day. The teachers across the school are skilled in using Makaton Key Word Signing, PECS and other methods of communication to support our students.

Numeracy: The students are provided with opportunities to develop maths skills through a variety of teaching methods and contexts. Students use basic mathematical concepts such as number, space, measurement and reasoning during day to day activities and meaningful situations. The students are also encouraged to explore and learn concepts such as Time and Money in the classroom then transfer these skills to the school and outer school community.

Other curriculum areas include The Arts, Health and PE, Humanities, Science and ICT. The content of these areas are student and classroom specific and goals are developed in each Individual Learning Plans where appropriate.
Other programs include:

  • Bike education
  • Implementation of school-wide Positive Behaviour Support program
  • Implementation of social safety and social skills programs
  • Regular community access through the use of school bus and public transport
  • A school camp program is offered throughout the year at Blackwood Outdoor Recreation Centre.